Another Day to Breathe
SSAA a cappella, Text: Felice Luftspring, Cassandra Luftspring, Cheri Jubinville-Greany
When Our Inner Light Goes Out
SATB choir with piano, Text: Felice Luftspring
Commissioned by the Chalice Choir of the First Unitarian Church of Ottawa
A Clear Midnight
SATB a cappella, Text: Walt Whitman
Cantate Domino
SATB a cappella, Text: Psalm 96
Come Israel's Children
SATB choir with piano and tambourine, Text: Felice Luftspring
Commissioned by the Amadeus Choir
The Choristers
Children's choir with piano and cello, Text: Bliss Carmen
Commissioned by the Toronto Children's Chorus
Joseph's Child
SATB choir with piano
Prayer for Peace *
SATB a cappella
Up to Jerusalem
SATB choir with piano
Commissioned by the Lachan Jewish Chamber Choir
Light of God *
SATB choir with piano and tambourine
Soul Survival *
SATB choir with piano
On Your Way to Bethlehem *
SATB choir with piano and trumpet
Dedication *
SATB choir with piano
Hanukah Lights *
SATB choir with piano
Celebration *
Choir with piano
* First Place, Amadeus Choir Christmas Carol and Hanukah Song Writing Competition


Seeker's Ascent
Dance for the Earth
String orchestra and two solo violins
Commissioned by the Arts York String Orchestra and the Soundstreams Young Artist Overture Project


Trumpet and piano
Brass quintet
By the Sea
String quartet
Solo piano
From States of Mind: A Collection of Short Piano Pieces (in progress)
Piece for Oboe
Solo oboe
Learning to Fly
Piccolo, flute, and violin


In My Mother's Favourite Story
Soprano soloist and piano
Commissioned by Queen's University for the Common Magic Conference
Colours of Life
Female soloist and piano
My One True Home
Female soloist, piano, and optional choir
Our Canada
Female soloist, piano, and optional choir


A Trip to the Dentist
Midnight Rainstorm


The Little Things
Written and directed by Kayla Cooper